About me

Hello, my name’s Claire and when I was little I wanted to be a lexicographer. Today, I’m a literature PhD candidate based in Oxford – where I try to keep my cat and my sourdough starter in the style to which they’d like to become accustomed. I love languages ancient and modern, and have had the privilege of getting to know several of them as a teacher, a copywriter, and an academic researcher.

About the blog

Language Sandwich is, at the same suggests, a blog about language with a humorous bent. All the topics I write about will almost certainly have been covered with far more precision by academics and lexicographers of the highest order (I can recommend some to you if you like) and journal-grade punctiliousness is not what I’m after here.

I do hope, however, that you’ll learn a few things along the way and enjoy this blog as a place to share, to discover, to revel in the joy of words as the magnificent playthings which I find them to be. After reading a couple of posts you will, I hope, be inclined to agree with me.